Требник Джона Бесстрашного {2022}
Breviary of John the Fearless
Rome use.
It was originally conceived as a single volume, but an early change of plan saw the manuscript divided into two. The second volume, Harley 2897, was supplied with a calendar and Psalter of its own. The Breviary was not simply split down the middle: both volumes retain sections of each element of the Breviary. For example, the Temporale in Additional MS 35311 runs from Christmas to Lent (ff.158v-340r), and in Harley 2897 from Easter to Advent (ff.156r-258r). This was done so that the first volume (Add.35311) could be used from Christmas to Lent (saints in the calendar and Sanctorale span from January-mid April), and the second (Harl.2897) from Easter to Advent (saints in the calendar and Sanctorale span from mid-April-December). Large miniatures seem to be missing from the Office of the Dead, Hours of the Virgin, and from the mid-point of the Temporale. The two manuscripts appear to have come on the market at about the same time, Additional 35311 changing hands in 1718 and Harley 2897 in 1715, suggesting that they remained together, in the hands of an owner in the north of France or the Netherlands, until the early eighteenth century.
Arms of John the Fearless of Burgundy (d. 1419) and his wife, Duchess Margaret of Bavaria (Vol. II, f. 187v)

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London: British library
Language: Latin and French.
Script: Textualis Quadrata.
Format: Codex. Vellum.
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