Псалтырь Сант-Омерская {2016}
St Omer Psalter
Sarum use.

Given to the British Museum by Henry Yates Thompson on his eightieth birthday, December 1918, in honour of M.R. James, S.C. Cockerell, and G.F.Warner, who had assisted Thompson in the cataloguing of his collection.

Commissioned by Knight in the St Omer family of Mulbarton, Norfolk, but left incomplete (depictions of to St Omers, f.7, the male wearing the family arms, perhaps Sir William de St Omer, d. after 1347). Erased ex libris, f. 173, of Humfrey, Duke of Gloucester (d. 1447).

Egidius Dancel, between 1600 and 1699, inscription and alphabetic index corresponding to page numbers in the same hand, ff. v-vii verso.

Lot 2902 in catalogue of Thomas Thorpe, bookseller, 1828.

John Wilkes the Elder, d. 1894; sold in his sale 12 March 1847, and purchased by Thomas Rodd, 4th Earl of Ashburnham (Appendix, no. 32).

Purchased by Henry Yates Thompson together with the MSS of the Ashburnham appendix in 1897.

Лондон: библиотека Британская (1918 )

London: British library
Calendar. Formerly Add. MS 39810.
1330...40 and completed 1414...22. England (Mulbarton, ~Norfolk).
Language: Latin.
Script: Textualis Quadrata.
225х333 (128х213).
Folios: ff. ix + 175.
Format: Codex. Vellum.
Binding: Bound in Paris by Derome le Jeune, ~1780. Gilt fore edge.
№ Yates Thompson MS 14.
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Virgin museum
Peter museum
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