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Paris use.
Bequeathed to the British Museum in 1941 by Mrs Henry Yates Thompson.
Ex libris of Jacques Gayand, 1565, with further notes 1577, 1578, f. v. Guillaume Briguet [?], signature, f. v. Inscription of 1598 concerning the marriage of M. Charles Roatin (?), esq., of Farigne and Margaret Chauvien, in hand of M. Guyreau.

Detailed notes recounting the descent of the manuscript through generations of a family in Poitiers and Lyons, as follows:

In 1618 M. Guyureau bequeathed the MS to Jacques Denesde, his successor as almoner and prebend, who died in 1622.

Jacques Denesde left the MS to F. Coustiere, who in turn passed it to his nephew Antoine Denesde.

Antoine Denesde passed it to his son Francois Denesde, archdeacon.

Andre Denesde, doctor of medicine at the University of Poitiers, who bequeathed it to his son Jacques, provost, archdeacon and doctor of theology.

Jacques Denesde relenquished his provostship (and the manuscript?) to Joseph Gaudon in 1764.

Given by M .Charles Silvain Gaudon, advocate at Chatillon, to his son [J.F] Gaudon in 1805, who had the manuscript rebound and boxed by M. Chevrier at Poitier, in November 1805 for 18F.

Further notes concern the passing of the manuscript from Michel Frederique Alexis Gaudon his son Joseph Frederique Gaudon in 1805 (?). Bookplate, inside upper board, 'GE', inscribed No.563. Note of contents, in French, also inscribed No.563, f. iii, with a note that the MS had been owned by Mgr de Villeroi, Archeveque de Lyon (perhaps Francois Paul de Neuville de Villeroy, in office 1714, d. 1731).

Purchased by Henry Yates Thompson from R.G.L.Barrett, 24 November 1924.

Лондон: библиотека Британская (1941 )

London: British library
1410...29. France (~Paris).
Language: Latin and French.
Script: Textualis Quadrata.
169х240 (70х120).
Folios: ff. v + 229.
Format: Codex. Vellum.
Binding: Bibliophile (between 1625 and 1675). Gilt fore edge. Thumb tabs.
№ Yates Thompson MS 46.
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