Жития Богородица и св. Франциска, или Иконостас Ла Банеза {2667}
Lifestory of the Virgin and St Francis, or Altarpiece of La Baneza
In 1434 it is recorded that he had completed the retable for the high altar of Leon Cathedral.
This altarpiece comes from the chapel of a farm near La Baneza (Leon), called Estepa de las Delicias. Its previous history is unknown though, given its size, researchers are inclined to think that it was painted for a more relevant church.
The work was bought - in two lots - for Museo del Prado in 1930 and 1932.
This altarpiece consists of a predella, three main vertical panels, each of them formed by three horizontal bodies, and the attic.
Францес Н.
Nicolas Frances
Лион (Фр.): собор (1434 - )
Leon: cathedral

часовня Estepa de las Delicias, near La Baneza (Leon) ( - )

chapel Estepa de las Delicias of a farm near La Baneza (Leon)

Мадрид: музей Прадо

Madrid: museo del Prado
панель левая
the left panel
панель центральная
the centre panel
панель правая
the right panel
The gilded decoration of the structure is composed by ogee arches that embellish the ensemble.
Tempera on panel.
5580х5570 (except the attic).
This altarpiece shows Nicolas Frances' skill in a clear Italian influenced spatial composition, the side panels having been unified to provide the scenes with a larger environment. In some of these panels different landscapes are depicted and the space has been partitioned by architectural elements. There is a concern for the correct use of perspective, but without success, and this endows the whole story with a certain ingenuousness. The slender figures, the fresh and lively colouring and the taste for anecdote confer the scenes a superb warmth. This work can be framed within the International Gothic style with certain Italianate nuances.
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