Богородица и Младенец на троне с музицирующими ангелами {2639}
Virgin and Child enthroned with music-making angels
Гарсиа П.
Pere Garcia
Барселона: Нац. музей искусства Каталонии
Barcelona: Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
His Madonna with Music-Making Angels is a worthy successor of Pere Serra's composition of similar theme which, in Pere Garcia's time, was the central panel of the altar in Tortosa Cathedral.
Representations of the Virgin and Child in the company of music-making angels were very popular at that time; in these two paintings even the fabric of the garments and the shape of the seat of the throne were similar.
In 15th-century pictures the artist frequently introduced an area of floor with an ornate, chequered pattern, for this gave him a chance to show his craftsmanship.
In paintings by the less talented artists the floor was usually depicted as if viewed from above but in Pere Garcia's picture we can already perceive the Flemish influence at work; the painting reveals a degree of proficiency in the application of central perspective - a knowledge gained from Dalmau.
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