Крест алтарный {2589}
Altar cross
Распятие Господне с клеймами
Crucifixion with frames
1794. Moscow. Silver, pearls, wood, gems, enamel painting, chasing, engraving, niello, gilding.
Wooden eight-edged cross is plaqued with gilt silver.
On the facial side there is an enamel Crucifixion and four plaques on each side of it with the images of Virgin, St John the Theologian, Sabaoth, and the head of Adam.
The plaques are edged with a strip of gems in settings; the cross is framed with pearls.
On the stem there is a niello image of the instruments of Christ Passions.
On the reverse side on an engraved scurf background there are oval niello mediallions framed with garlands bearing inscriptions concerning relics of the Yaroslavl saints.

There is an inscription on the handle stating that cross was made for the cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin in Yaroslavl in February 1794 and was blessed by his eminence Arseny, archbishop of Rostov and Yaroslavl.

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