Богородица и Младенец на троне с донатором {2569}
Virgin and Child enthroned with a donor
Кривелли К.
Carlo Crivelli
Вашингтон: гал. Нац.
Washington: NGA
На арке, формирующей сень над БР, приведена надпись: "MEMENTO•MEI•MATER•DEI•REGINA•CELI•LETARE".
In this perfectly preserved altarpiece the artist's fascination with the use of chiaroscuro (modeling with light and shade) to create an illusion of space and tangible substance has created an overall impression of sculptured marble.
Note the diminutive donor kneeling in the lower left corner and the crown which, in the order to heighten the illusion of form, has been partly modeled in low relief.
The apple held by the Child is a symbolic reference to Adam's fall.
Oil and tempera on panel.
№ 1952.5.6.
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