Муж Скорбей с предстоящими {2568}
Man of Sorrow with attendants
Crivelli spent his career along the Adriatic coast of Italy, away from his native Venice, and there developed a highly personal artistic style in which splendor of ornament is combined with intense emotion.
James Fund and Anonymous Gift.
Кривелли К.
Carlo Crivelli
Бостон: МИИ (1902 )
Boston: Museum of Fine Arts
Christ’s body is supported by the mourning figures of the Virgin, Mary Magdalene, and St John.
Suffering is powerfully conveyed by the boldly foreshortened head of St John and the intertwined hands of St John and Christ, one tense with grief, the other rigid in death.
At the same time, the illusionistic swag of fruits and vegetables and the profusion of tooled and embossed gold give this devotional image the quality of a precious object.
Панель, темпера.
Tempera on panel.
№ 2.4.
The shape of the painting and the implied point of view (well below the level of the figures) suggest that it once may have been the center of the upper tier of a large altarpiece.
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