Семь радостей, семь горестей БР {2554}
Seven joys, seven sorrows of the Virgin
Дюрер А.
Albrecht Durer
It is the earliest known altarpiece by Durer.
The right half is now missing and only the left part with sorrows survived. Левая половина до 1588 была расчленена на отдельные картины.
Around the Virgin are seven smaller panels with detailed scenes from the life of the Christ (from top left).
The altarpiece was bought in mid-sixteenth century by the artist Lucas Cranach the Younger (1515-86), it was probably him who sawed the work into separate panels.
Семь горестей БР, левая половина
Seven sorrows of the Virgin, the left half
Семь радостей БР, правая половина
Seven joys of the Virgin, the right half
Иконостас, панель, масло.
Altarpiece, oil on panel.
It was originally very large.
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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