Богородица и Младенец с ангелами, свв. Франциском и Элвисом и донатором, или "Пала Гоцци" {2526}
Virgin and Child with angels, SS Francis and Alvise and donor Alvise Gozzi
This large altarpiece was commissioned for the church of San Francesco ad Alto by Alvise Gozzi, a Dalmatian merchant who lived and worked in Ancona.
Titian probably painted it in his workshop in Venice and had it shipped it down to Ancona on completion.
Анкона (Ит.)
Ancona (Italy)
The style of the painting was revolutionary for its time. Virgin, no longer seated on a throne, appears among clouds as a celestial vision in a scene where any objective reality is entirely absent. Yet the composition is anything but dream-like. The clouds and landscape beneath are real, bathed in reddish evening light and the Virgin's gaze is fixed firmly down to earth. Below Her in the foreground are three figures of St Francis of Assisi, St Blaise in bishop's attire and the kneeling figure of the patron, Alvise Gozzi, each looking skywards in reverence. In the distance we see the Venetian lagoon, with the campanile and buildings of St Mark's Square illuminated against the evening skyline.
Доска, масло. Верх полукруглый.
Oil on wood.
Обрамление профилированное.
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