Алтарь Мероде {2503}
The Merode Altarpiece
Назван по имени одного из владельцев.
The Merode Altarpiece, named after the family that owned it during the 19th century, is finest work by Robert Campin.
"The Annunciation Triptych" displays the hallmarks of the emergent Early Netherlandish style. A fascination with the natural world dominates. The smallest details are meticulously worked to reflect reality on a two-dimensional plane. Illusionistic effects are enhanced by the technical innovation of overlaying translucent oil pigments on aqueous opaque pigments. The resulting luminous, enamel-like surface achieves apparent depth, rich gradations of light, and a broad distribution of color values. Triptych was conceived as an object of private devotion. Although scholars have given complex interpretations for its iconography, the significance of the imagery must have been understood by the ordinary educated person of its time.
Кампен Р.
Robert Campin
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен (1956 )
New York: MMA, The Cloisters Collection
Донатор с женой, левая створка
Donor with his wife, the left wing Благовещение, центр
Annunciation, centre Св. Иосиф, правая створка
St Joseph, right wing
1425...28. Tournai (South Netherlands).
Триптих-складень. Доска, масло.
Portable triptych. Oil on wood.
As an object of private devotion, this painting would have been integrated into the furnishings of the owners' private quarters, where its hinged wings could be opened and closed according to the daily cadence of private prayers or following the traditions of the Christian calendar.
273х645 + 632х641 + 273х645.
№ 56.70.
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