Поклонение волхвов, или Богоявление {2474}
Adoration of the magi, or Epiphany
Formal characteristics of this masterpiece suggest that it was intended to be a worship object. It was later moved to the Town Hall escaping thus from the iconoclastic revolt. Subsequently it belonged to Jean Casembroot, a supporter of William of Orange, who was sentenced by a court-martial and whose properties were confiscated in Brussels. Philip II sent this work to El Escorial and gave it a place of honour in his private oratory.
Босх Х.
Hieronymus Bosch
собор (~1497 - )
Hertogenbosch cathedral
ратуша ( - )
Town Hall

Касембрут Дж. ( - )

Jean Casembroot

Эль Эскориал ( - )

El Escorial

Мадрид: музей Прадо

Madrid: Museo del Prado
Св. Пётр с донатором, левая створка
St Peter with the donor, the right wing
Поклонение волхвов, центр
Adoration of the magi, the centre
Св. Агния с донатором, правая створка
St Agnes with the donor, the left wing
Обедня св. Григория, в закрытом виде
Saint Gregory Mass
~1497. Flemish school.
Триптих-складень. Доска, масло. Гризайл.
Portable triptych. Oil on wood. Grisaille.
Обрамление деревянное профилированное.
предмет с изображением:
посвящённый предмет
сайт Museo del Prado
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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