Крест-мощевик {2328}
Reliquary cross
The cross may possibly be that discovered by Pope Sergius I (687 - 701) in the Vatican and by him conveyed to the Lateran.
Lateran: Sancta Sanctorum ( - )

Рим: Библиотека Ватикана

Rome: Library of Vatican
Благовещение, верхняя
Annunciation, upper
На пути в Вифлеем, левая
Maria and Joseph journeying to Bethlehem, left
Рождество, средняя крестообразная
Nativity, middle
Поклонение волхвов, правая
Adoration of the magi, right
Сретение, Крещение, нижняя
Presentation in the Temple; Baptism, lower
Эмаль перегородчатая.
Cloisonne enamel.
On one side it is now hollow, but if the suggested identification is correct, it was formerly covered with gold plates enriched with gems.
On the other side it is covered with five enamelled plaques, that in the centre cruciform, those on the limbs ~rectangular.
The whole surface of each plaque is enamelled and the colours employed are red, orange-red, dull red, lilac, blue, yellow, white, and black.
The translucent ground is very badly cracked.
Round the side edges runs an inscription in red enamel in Latin letters, with one or two Greek characters, of which it is difficult to make sense, though some words like EPISCOP(VS) (VE)XILLVM (R)EGINA MVNDI are clear: possibly these plaques are additions from other objects; more probably, perhaps, they may be the work of men unfamiliar with the Latin language.
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иллюстрация {526 Fig. 305}
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Peter museum
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