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The wider of the two columns contains the Vulgate version of scriptures, translated in the late 4th/early 5th century by St Jerome, and the translation of Desiderius Erasmus (b. c.1466, d. 1536) known as the Novum Instrumentum, first published in 1516 and copied by Meghen from a printed edition.
The Erasmian text seems to have been added after the death of John Colet, the manuscripts' patron, in 1519. The third volume of this set, containing the Gospels of St Matthew and St Mark, is Cambridge, Cambridge University Library, MS Dd.vii.3.
Translated by St Jerome and Desiderius Erasmus
Copied by Pieter Meghen of Hertogenbosch of the diocese of Liege (b. c.14661467, d. 1540) for John Colet (b. c.1456, d.1519), Dean of St Paul's, London, and friend of Erasmus. Royal collection.

Transferred to the British Museum by George II in 1757.

Лондон: библиотека Британская

London: British library
Part 1 volume 1
Part 2 volume 2
Miniature, fully painted (2), (by follower of Horenbout working in England?).
Litterae notabiliores.
Manufacturing aids (signatures, alphabetic quire enumeration).
7 September 1509 (colophon ff. 310v - 311r), and after 1516. England (London).
Language: Latin.
Script: Humanistic Book Hand by Pieter Meghen (dated colophon ff. 310v - 311r).
305х450 (180х300).
Format: Codex. Vellum.
Binding: Standard.
№ Royal MS 1 E V.
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Virgin museum
Peter museum
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