Молитвенник Сигизмунда I Польского {2239}
Prayerbook of Sigismund I of Poland
Manuscript was illuminated by Stanislow Samostrzelnik.
Signed ‘SC’ on f. 3v and ‘SCF’ on f. 194v (Stanislaus Claratumbensis Fecit), with dated explicit signed ‘S’, suggesting that the book was copied and illuminated by the same person (f. 197v).

Commissioned by anonymous donor as a gift for King Sigismund I of Poland (dedication ff. 86v - 89v, arms of donor f. 86v identified as being borne by the family Vogt Von Rienech and Tottenheim of Franconia).

Sigismund named repeatedly, f. 4r etc., portrait of Sigismund f. 59r, arms of Poland and Lithuania represented frequently.

Italian and Latin inscriptions, between 1524 and 1558, concerning family history from 1494.

Taken by Sigismund’s widow, Bona Sforza (d. 1557), to Bari in ~1555.

Autograph signature of Sigismund III (reigned between 1587 and 1632).

Additions to manuscript on paper and vellum, ff. 198r - 219v, between 1600 and 1632.

According to a note on flyleaf, the manuscript came into the possession of the exiled family of the Stuarts by the marriage of the Princess Mary Clementine Sobieski to Prince James Francis Edward Stuart, the ‘Old Pretender,’ in 1719.

On the death of Clementine in 1735, the manuscript probably passed to their second son, Henry Benedict Maria Clement, Cardinal York (1725 - 1807).

Note on paper flyleaf says that Gregoire de Berardi obtained the manuscript in Frescati near Rome in 1838 or 1839 “from the posessor of the papers of Cardinal York,” probably Sigismondo Malatesta, heir of Monsignor Cesarini, Bishop of Milevi, who was Cardinal York’s secretary and executor.

Manuscript presented to Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (b.1801, d.1843) by Gegoire de Berardi (armorial bookplate of Duke of Sussex, flyleaf).

Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (b.1801, d.1843).

Purchased at Duke of Sussex sale, Messrs Evans, 31 July - 2 August 1844, lot 292.

Лондон: библиотека Британская

London: British library
1524 (colophon f. 194r). Poland (Cracow).
Language: Latin with Italian notations.
Script: Humanistic Book Script and Humanistic Cursive (f. 198v to f. 219v).
115х163 (61х115).
Folios: ff. 222.
Format: Codex. Vellum and paper.
Binding: Bibliophile. Velvet over wooden boards.
№ Add. MS 15281.
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Virgin museum
Peter museum
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