Богородица и Младенец на троне с двумя ангелами {2225}
Virgin and Child enthroned with angels
This exquisite and extremely rare panel was recently discovered in an English private collection. It is the only work by Cimabue in Great Britain, and one of only two surviving small-scale paintings by the artist, who, together with the younger Duccio and Giotto, was one of the pioneering artists of the early Italian Renaissance. It almost certainly formed part of a diptych, probably showing several scenes from the Passion of Christ, of which the 'Flagellation' is in the Frick Collection, New York, and the other scenes, probably six, are lost. The painting is a small-scale representation of the monumental versions of the 'Maesta' which Cimabue painted on panel for Santa Trinita, Florence, for San Francesco, Pisa, and in fresco in the Lower Church of San Francesco, Assisi. Despite its diminutive size, the painting is monumentally conceived and represents a crucial moment in the history of art when Italian painters, while still influenced by Byzantine painting, were exploring the depiction of greater naturalism and three-dimensional space, seen here in the diagonally placed wooden throne, the transparent cloth on which the Virgin and Child are seated, and the way in which the Child clings to His Mother’s hand like a small baby instead of raising His own hand in the traditional blessing. Compare it for example with the 'Virgin and Child' of about 1260 by Margarito of Arezzo. Cimabue was celebrated by Dante as the precursor of Giotto, and Vasari opened his 'Lives of the Artists' with Cimabue as the first important painter of the Italian Renaissance. The acquisition of this work is a triumph of the Acceptance-in-Lieu system. The agents made the offer; the complex negotiations were concluded, and authorisation was obtained in record time, thanks to the energetic support of the Minister, Alan Howarth.
Великобритания: частная коллекция (1880 - )

Лондон: гал. Нац.

London: NGA
Изображение Богородица в рост с Младенцем на левой руке. Богородица держит Младенца на приподнятом левом колене.
Он двумя руками держится за Её правую руку.
По сторонам от трона стоят два ангела.
Панель, темпера.
№ NG6583.
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