Несение креста, или "Il Spasimo di Sicilia" {2223}
Christ carrying the cross, or "Il Spasimo di Sicilia"
The title "Il Spasimo di Sicilia" by which this work is also known comes from the common name for the place where the artist was from, the convent of St Mary "dello Spasimo" in Palermo.
In the royal collections, to which it was added during the reign of Philip IV, this painting was called "the most precious jewel in the world".
It is the most meticulous of Rafael's paintings regarding its composition and the expressiveness of the figure
Regarding the compositional organization of the painting, Rafael passes before us the lovers' path that, from right to left, heads off into the distance on the left towards a tranquil, beautiful country scene.
In the expressions of the figures themselves, we see how intensely they are living the tragedy in question, as well as those of the people who passively watch Christ fall.
Мадрид: Музей Прадо
Madrid: Museo del Prado
БР, поддерживаемая св. жёнами, протягивает руки к Христу.
Холст, масло, перенесено с доски.
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