Мадонна Канигиани {2193}
Canigiani Holy Family
происхождение названия:
семейство Канигиани
after the Florentine family of the Canigianis
Мюнхен: Старая пинакотека
Munich (Germany): Alte Pinakothek
Св. Семейство с ангелами, св. Елизаветой и юным Иоанном Крестителем
Madonna Canigiani is in fact a representation of the Holy Family. There are five figures in this picture, arranged in a pyramidal system. At the apex there is Joseph, leaning on his staff.
Below, facing each other in a sitting position are Elisabeth and Maria, and, between them John and Jesus. Jesus holds in hand a scroll upon which are written the words: Ecce Agnus Dei. The attention of the three adults is directed toward the two toddlers.
According to Vasari "all appear to be astonished at the manner in which the two cousins treat each other at an age so tender." Maria holds a book in Her hand in which She had been reading.
Oil on panel.
предмет с изображением:
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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