Псалтырь Фелбриджская {2182}
Felbrigge Psalter
Anne Felbrigge, daughter of Sir Simon Felbrigge (b.1368, d.1442), and member of the community of Minoresses at Bruisyard in Suffolk: Felbrigge arms on painted fore edge, inscriptions f. i verso, f. 3r.

Obits of Anne's mother, Margaret, and father Simon in calendar on ff. 3r, 6v, 7v.

Sir Hans Sloane (b.1660, d.1753) (originally Sloane MS 2468).

Purchased as part of the Sloane collection from his executors under the Act of Parliament which also established the British Museum, 1753.

Лондон: библиотека Британская

London: British library
Calendar, with extensive addition of English saints (incomplete: wanting July and August).
The addition of prayers on ff. 165r - 166v probably dates from the time of Anne Felbrigge's ownership.
English embroidered panels dating from the first quarter of the fourteenth century are incorporated into the eighteenth century binding of the Felbrigge Psalter. This is the earliest known surviving embroidered binding.
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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