Благовещение {2108}
Мария сидит справа за изготовлением пряжи.
Гавриил преклонил пред Ней колено. Правой рукой он Благословляет Её, в левой руке у него жезл.
In this painting the artist faithfully expresses the emotion and importance of the Annunciation scene. The angel occupies the left half of the picture plane, Maria occupies the right, and both stand out against the background constructed of architectural details connected in the middle of the picture. In contrast to the rather flat, forward–facing figures found in some icons, the announcing angel is shown from a side view which emphasizes depth and dynamic movement. The flow of drapery and the position of the wings reflects the fact that the angel has suddenly appeared and helps strengthen the contrast with Maria, who is shown in a fixed and motionless pose. The beautiful gold and blue-green of the angel also emphasizes its heavenly origin and is balanced by the dark clothing worn by Maria, a representative of earth and humankind. While the angel's hand is outstretched as it speaks God's message, Maria's head is bowed as if in agreement and humility. Both figures are well-proportioned and accurately express the content of the scene. The overall color scheme of the background consists of a combination of yellow, cream, shades of orange, and black, which gives the icon a warm, coherent tone. The two figures in the foreground stand out against the surrounding colors, but do not clash. In fact, Maria's clothing seems to correspond to the dark colors found in the roofs above Her and in the angel, helping to unite foreground and background. The angel's coloring is unique in the painting and emphasizes its heavenly nature and function as one who announces the will of God to the world.
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