Неопалимая Купина {1009}
Burning Bush
Ярославль: музей-заповедник историко-архитектурный
Yaroslavl: History and architecture museum
In the middle part of crimson satin there is an image of the Virgin with a Child in the circle.
Around it there are symbols of evangelists, two cherubim and a seraph.
In a segment of sky there is a half-length image of Sabaoth and under Him - Holy Spirit as a dove.
Поля украшены надписью:
"О всепетая Мати рождьшая всех святых
... слово ннешне приешми приношение
изми муки тебе вопиющих Аллилуия
от всия вия избави напасти всех и будущия".
17 в. Россия.
Covering veil.
Faces are embroidered with silk thread, the other parts - with gilded and silver thread.
Images and inscriptions are decorated with pearls.
On the borders of green satin there is a liturgical inscription embroidered with silver thread on an elevation.
At the corners - seraphs and cherubim framed with pearls.
The middle part is edged with a narrow gold braid, and the borders - with a thin woven gilded cord.
Lining - yellow taffeta.
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