Положение во гроб, с Символами евангелистов на полях {1006}
Entombment of Christ, with Symbols of evangelists on borders
In the middle part sewn of crimson satin there is an image of Christ entombed with his arms crossed on his chest.
The Virgin sitting on a bench holds His head.
Mary Magdalene and the Holy Women are near the Virgin.
Three inclined figures (SS John, Nicodemus and Joseph) are at feet.
Behind the cuffin there is an architectural landscape with a cross and stairs.
Above, at the left and at the right, there are two angels with large fans.
Cherubim are represented on the large fans.
Sabaoth is in the clouds between the angels.
At the corners of the paten there are symbols of the evangelists in the circles.
Поля заполнены надписью:
благообразный ... пречистое тђло твое
плащаницею чистою ... во гробђ
нове покровы положить ...
повив во гробе полагается яко смерть е смертный
Гдь Саваоф

англи Гдни

Положение во гробъ Гда нашего Христа

17 в. Россия.
Пелена. Вышивка.
Shroud. Embroidery.
Satin, damask, pearls, glass, silk, gilded and silver thread, weaving, embroidery, stringing.
The faces are embroidered with colored silk thread, all the other parts are embroidered with silver and gilded thread attached with colored thread. Images and inscriptions are embroidered with big and small pearls. The Virgin's vestments and the cuffin are decorated with gems in settings. On green satin border there is a liturgical inscription embroidered with silver thread on a high support. Lining - yellow damask.
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