Казанская, со святыми на полях {1002}
Virgin of Kazan, with saints on borders
Ярославль: музей-заповедник историко-архитектурный
Yaroslavl: History and architecture museum
Богородица и Младенец со святыми
Virgin and Child with saints
19 в. Россия.
Доска, темпера.
Tempera on panel, pearls, glass, beads, metal, fabric, embroidery stringing.
The icon except the faces and the hands is covered with a frame with a diadem and a tsata decorated with embroidery, pearls, nacre, beads and glass.
The diadem has a scalloped edge.
On the Virgin's front and shoulders there are two stars.
The tsata is attached to the diadem with two hooks.
On the borders there are images of interceeding saints with painted faces.
The reverse side of the icon is covered with a "shirt" of rose cotton fabric.
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