Иверская {1001}
Ivery Virgin
Ярославль: музей-заповедник историко-архитектурный
Yaroslavl: History and architecture museum
~1885. Moscow.
Tempera on wood panel, silver, gold, pearls, silk, filigree, enamel, guilloche, stringing.
The icon except the faces and the hands is covered with a frame and a riza.
The riza is embroidered with small pearls, the folds of cloths are decorated with bigger pearls.
On the Virgin's cap there is an eight-edged star decorated with transparent glass.
The borders are gilded and ornamented with a floral relief, the corners and the double diadem are decorated with floral ornament in multicolored enamel against a filigree background.
The gilded background is covered with a gilloche net ornament.
On the background and the lower border there are plaques with blue enamel inscriptions.
The base of the icon is a cypress-panel in a crimson silk "shirt", on the reverse side there is a silver rectangular plaque where an inscription stating: "To Ivan Egorovich Leontyev from grateful parishioners of the old Pokrovsky Cathedral in Shuya. 1898" is engraved.
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