Богородица и Младенец со св. Анной {1881}
Virgin and Child with St Anna
This picture, by the greatest German Renaissance artist, was intended for private devotion. It shows St Anne (who was particularly venerated in Germany) with her daughter, the Virgin, and the Child. Although the monogram and date are later additions, the picture was probably painted in 1519. That year, Durer became an ardent follower of Martin Luther. The motif of the Virgin adoring the sleeping Child was probably inspired by the Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini, whose art Durer admired during his two trips to Italy. The painting was acquired in 1630 by Maximilian I, elector of Bavaria, and remained in the royal collection at Schlessheim until it was sold in 1852.

Завещал Альтман Б., 1913.

Bequest of Benjamin Altman.
Дюрер А.
Albrecht Durer
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен (1913 )
New-York: MMA
Доска, масло и темпера, перенесено на холст.
Oil and tempera on canvas, transferred from panel.
№ 14.40.633 (1051/1673).
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