Отдых на пути в Египет {1869}
Rest on the flight to Egypt
This tenderly poetic picture reveals a side of Poussin not otherwise represented by the Museum's splendid holdings of this greatest of all seventeenth-century French artists.
During the 1620s Poussin was especially attracted by Venetian painting, studying Titian's great mythological compositions, which were then in the Aldobrandini collection, Rome, but are now in the Prado, Madrid, and the National Gallery, London.
It is from these that he has taken his inspiration for the fruit-gathering cherubs and the landscape.

Завещала Хейнеманн Л. в память Хейнеманна Р.Дж., 1996.

Bequest of Lore Heinemann, in memory of her husband, Dr. Rudolf J. Heinemann.
Пуссен Н.
Nicolas Poussin
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен (1996 )
New York: MMA
The playful horde of putti, the highly keyed reds, blues, and whites of the Virgin's robe, and the intensely blue sky - as well as the optimistic spirit of the picture as a whole - reveal Poussin's admiration for Titian's Bacchanals, then in the Aldobrandini collection in Rome. What Poussin brings to the picture that we would not expect to find in a similar work by Titian is its intimacy (due in part to the small scale) and a very tender poetry.
Х., м.
Oil on canvas.
№ 1997.117.6 (493/1673).
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