Богородица и Младенец со св. Анной и юным Иоанном Крестителем {1780}
Virgin and Child with St Anne and the infant St John
This is the cartoon of a painting, now in the Louvre, executed in 1501 with a changed composition.
Леонардо да Винчи
Leonardo da Vinci
London: NGA
Christ is shown blessing his cousin, John the Baptist and also greets him affectionately by touching him under the chin. St Anne's pointing gesture is that of the adult John the Baptist, when he preached of the coming of one greater than he. Her young appearance and intimacy with John the Baptist have led many scholars to propose that she is his mother, Saint Elizabeth. A painting by Leonardo of similar subject but different design (and clearly later in date) is in the Louvre, in Paris. A painted variant of the picture, by Luini, is in the Ambrosiana in Milan. The drawing was done in preparation for a painting but it was never used to transfer the design onto a panel as the outlines have not been pricked or incised. Although the drawing is damaged in some areas, many of the blurred and smudged effects are intentional and give a sense of movement and mystery to the scene.
Carbon on paper, transferred to canvas (Chalk on paper).
Burlington House Cartoon.
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