Умягчение злых сердец {1707}
Virgin the Mollification of a wicked hearts, or Melter of evil hearts
Virgin half-length above a wall. She holds Child on Her left arm. In a circle on Her breast is the Holy Spirit as a dove. Virgin is ornamented with a necklace, and both Virgin and Child are crowned.
Virgin and Child are seen at the center. Between Them one sees a dove (sign of the Holy Spirit) in an eight-pointed halo called a slava, meaning “glory”.
An interesting addition are the foreground saints, Antipy on the left and Catherine on the right. A fair presumption might suggest these are the names saints of the parents who’s children’s name saints most likely appear on the borders.
This was a common practice in Russia, thus making it a “family” icon.
This icon is a finely painted image on a gold leaf ground.
It is exceedingly well painted and in exceptional condition.
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