Богородица и Младенец на троне с ангелами и свв. Екатериной, Леонардом, Августином и Аполлонией {1694}
Virgin and Child enthroned with angels and SS Catherine, Leonard, Augustin, and Apollonia
Picture was described at length by the sixteenth-century biographer Giorgio Vasari, who especially admired the landscape and enormous laurel tree.
Приобретена фондом Флетчера, 1920.
Fletcher Fund.
Либри Г. даи
Girolamo dai Libri
nel Monte outside Verona: Augustinian church of San Leonardo

Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен (1920 )

New York: MMA
While the Virgin and Child reflect the work of Andrea Mantegna, the distant hill crowned with a fortress and the dead tree are taken over directly from Durer's well-known engraving of St Eustace. The juxtaposition of the dead tree with the flourishing laurel refers to Death and Resurrection, while the peacock is a traditional symbol of immortality. A versatile artist, Girolamo dai Libri was equally famous as an illuminator of books, whence his name dai Libri ("of the books").
~1520. Верона (Ит.).
Холст, темпера, масло.
Полукруглый верх.
Tempera and oil on canvas. Arched top.
Of modern manufacture, the frame is based on Renaissance prototypes.
№ 20.92 (230/2010).
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