Богородица и Младенец {1685}
Virgin and Child
It is a work of Giovanni Bellini's maturity.
It was the model for a number of studio replicas.
Unusually, the cloth of honor is off-center, revealing a distant landscape that in its light and atmosphere looks forward to the works of Giorgione and Titian.
Фонд Роджерса, 1908.
Rogers Fund.
Беллини, Джованни
Giovanni Bellini
Флоренция: собрание Г. Брауэра ( - 1908)
Florence: Georges Brauer

Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен (1908 )

New York: MMA
Virgin is aligned with the vertical axis of the picture, but the rust-coloured cloth of honour and the position of the tenderly held Child introduce a daring asymmetry.
The beautifully painted landscape, incorporating a distant view of the Alps, serves to balance the composition and underscores the still, poignant mood of the picture.
The quince held by the Child is a symbol of the Resurrection.
1485...90. Венеция (Ит).
Доска, масло.
Oil on wood.
№ 08.183.1 (217/2010).
Signed (lower center): "IOANNES BELLINVS".
предмет с изображением:
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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