Сцены из жизни Христа {1672}
Scenes of life of Christ
This small triptych is remarkable both for its preservation and for the fact that it is still intact.
It is curious that the right wing shows events from the life of Christ leading up to the Flight into Egypt while the left shows events following it. There is, however, no technical reason for believing that the two wings have been reversed. In style the picture is related to the work of the Late Gothic Veronese painter Giovanni Badile.
Фонд Роджерса, 1909.
Rogers Fund.
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен (1909 )
New York: MMA
створка левая
left wing центр centre створка правая
right wing
~1425. Верона (Ит.).
Portable triptych.
Доски, темпера, по золоту.
Tempera on wood, gold ground.
Overall, with engaged frames 210х594 + 425х613 + 210х594.
Painted surface 165х546 + 375х524 + 159х546.
The frames have been regilded.
№ 09.104 (196/2010).
предмет с изображением
файл ep09104
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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