Богородица и Младенец с шестью святыми {1662}
Virgin and Child with six saints
The present picture doubtlessly follows a cartoon by Matteo, who seems also to have intervened in the principal figures. It has suffered from a harsh cleaning in the past that has destroyed the modelling of the figures' faces.
Завещана Блюменталем Г., 1941.
Bequest of George Blumenthal.
мастерская Маттео ди Гиованни ди Бартоло
workshop of Matteo di Giovanni di Bartolo
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен (1941 )
New York: MMA
Богородица и Младенец расположены по центральной оси изображения.
Ряд святых показан в меньшем масштабе по сторонам.
The format of this picture, with the Madonna and Child aligned along a central axis and a number of saints shown on a smaller scale at the sides, was popularized by Sano di Pietro, and later adapted by Matteo di Giovanni.
Доска, темпера, по золоту.
Tempera on wood, gold ground.
Overall, with engaged (modern) frame 489х641.
Painted surface 400х552.
№ 41.190.29 (177/2010).
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