Богородица и Младенец с двумя ангелами и свв. Бернандино Сиенским и Иеронимом {1661}
Virgin and Child with two angels and SS Bernandino of Siena and Jerome
The presence of SS Bernardino and Jerome suggests that the owner of this picture may have belonged to the confraternity of Saint Francis, with which Matteo was also associated.
Дар Блюменталя Г., 1941.
Gift of George Blumenthal.
мастерская Маттео ди Гиованни ди Бартоло
workshop of Matteo di Giovanni di Bartolo
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен (1941 )
New York: MMA
The composition is an updated version of those Sano di Pietro had created for over forty years, and it was intended to appeal to a conservative audience drawn largely from the members of the many religious confraternities in the city.
Inscription YHS on tablet.
Доска, темпера, по золоту.
Tempera on wood, gold ground.
№ 41.100.17 (176/2010m).
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