Богородица и Младенец со святыми {1623}
Virgin and Child with saints
Altarpiece was commissioned by the civic government (Palazzo Pubblico ) of Siena.
The format of the polyptych was highly unusual in that the central image, the Virgin and Child, was the same size as the flanking panels, allowing the entire altarpiece, which was intended to be portable, to be easily folded and moved.
In the 15th century, Simone's panels were incorporated as the central elements of a larger altarpiece in the principal chapel of the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena's town hall.
Like the other two panels from this polyptych in the MMA's collection, the Virgin and Child survives with its original frame intact.
Мартини С.
Simone Martini
Богородица и Младенец
Virgin and Child Св. Андрей
St Andrew Св. Ансанус
St Ansanus Св. Пётр
St Peter Св. Лука
St Luke
~1326. Сиена.
Полиптих. Доска, темпера, по золоту.
Folding polyptych. Tempera on wood, gold ground.
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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