Иконостас Портинари {1396}
Portinari Altarpiece
Painted at Brugges on the commission of Tommaso Portinari, who was agent of the Medicean bank who resided in the city with his family. It was subsequently sent to Florence and placed upon the high altar of Sant'Egidio.
This large triptych is the most important work of the Flemish artist Hugo van der Goes, constituting the basis for a reconstruction of the artist's entire oeuvre.
The painting was intended for the high altar of Sant' Egidio, the church of the Arcispedale of Santa Maria Nuova founded in 1288 by the banker's ancestor Folco Portinari.
Shipped from Bruges by sea, with the financial aid of the banker Niccolo di Giovanni Capponi, it arrived in Pisa by way of Sicily.
The painting was then transported along the Arno and finally completed its tortuous journey at the Porta San Frediano in Florence on 28 May 1483.
From here it was carried to its destination by sixteen strong porters under the surveillance of Meo di Tingo, an envoy of the Arcispedale.
When the work arrived in Florence, it immediately caused a sensation among the people and attracted a considerable following among contemporary artists.
The triptych had an enormous impact, noticeably influencing the art of manuscript illustration in the late 15th and early 16th centuries as well as illustrious representatives of Umbrian painting like Luca Signorelli.

This work has a unique historical and artistic significance.

The altar was donated to the Florentine church of San Egidio by Tommaso Portinari, who since 1465 had been living in princely style in Bruges as manager of the Medici family's commercial interests.
The central panel is flanked by two wings depicting other members of the Portinari family and the family's patron saints, with a grisaille Annunciation on their reverse.

The influence of the Portinari Altar, which was erected in Florence in 1478, was felt by many of the Florentine painters and is reflected in particular in the works of Ghirlandaio and Leonardo.

In 1567 the triptych was dismembered.
Гус Х. ван дер
Hugo van der Goes
Благовещение, внешние створки
Annunciation, the outer wings Свв. Антоний и Фома с Томмасо Портинари, левая створка
SS Thomas and Anthony Abbot and Tommaso Portinari with his sons, left wing Поклонение пастухов, центр
Adoration of the shepherds, central panel Свв. Маргарита и Мария Магдалина с Марией Портинари, правая створка
SS Margaret and Mary Magdalen and Maria Baroncelli with her daughter Margarita, right wing
Триптих, складень.
Portable triptych.
Oil on wood.
(1410 + 3040 + 1410)х2530.
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