Рубенс П.П.
Peter Paul Rubens
Питер Пауэл Рубенс (Рюбенс) (1577 - 1640), фламандский живописец.
Flemish artist.
His father, a Protestant lawyer, left Antwerp for Westphalia to escape persecution. There Peter Paul was born and baptized a Calvinist; then his parents separated.
Rubens worked in Italy from 1600 to 1608 before returning to Antwerp. Mother and son returned to Antwerp, where he was humanistically schooled, rebaptized a Roman Catholic, and soon became a page at a neighboring court. He also spent a considerable amount of time in Rome, where he painted altarpieces for the churches of Santa Croce di Gerusalemme (1602; now in Hopital du Petit-Paris, Grasse, France) and the Chiesa Nuova (1607; now in Musee de Peinture et Sculpture, Grenoble, France), his first widely acknowledged masterpieces. Rubens set up a studio along the lines of Italian painters' workshops, in which fully qualified artists executed paintings from the master's sketches. Rubens's personal contribution to the over 2,000 works produced by this studio varied considerably from work to work.
Им выполнены монументальные религиозные композиции.
Дейк А. ван
Anthony van Dyck

Lambert Jacobsz

Cornelis de Vos

Simon de Vos

Снайдерс Ф.

Frans Snyders
Богородица и Младенец
Virgin and Child Богородица и Младенец на троне с ангелами и святыми
Virgin and Child enthroned with angels and saints Богородица и Младенец с ангелами {6276}
Virgin and Child with angels

Богородица и Младенец со святыми {6272}

Virgin and Child with saints

Вознесение Богородицы

Ascension of Virgin Положение во гроб
Entombment Распятие с предстоящими Св. Родня
Holy Kinship Св. Родня
Holy Kinship Св. Родня
Holy Kinship Св. Родня
Holy Kinship Св. Родня, или Богоматерь с корзиной
Holy Kinship, or Madonna of the Basket Св. Семейство
Holy Family Св. Семейство со св. Франциском
Holy Family with St Francis Явление Богородицы св. Августину
Appearance of the Virgin to St Augustin, or St Augustin en moine
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