Пуссен Н.
Nicolas Poussin
Никола Пуссен (1594 - 1665)
French artist.
Его картина "Мучение св. Эразма" воспроизведена мозаикой для собора св. Петра в Риме.

In 1628, with Cassiano's help, Poussin received his only papal commission. The Martyrdom of St Erasmus, painted for the church of St Peter (now Vatican Museums) - one of his largest and most Baroque compositions - was coolly received, and was followed by the loss of an important commission for the church of San Luigi dei Francesi. At this point it became clear to Poussin that he would not be sought out to decorate the churches and palaces of Counter-Reformation Rome, and that this was not, in fact, where his real strength lay. The large, theatrical saints in ecstasy and scenes of apotheosis so popular at the time clearly struck no responsive chord in Poussin, and with remarkable vision and determination he set off in his own direction. Within the circle of Cassiano and for a small group of discerning patrons in France, he gradually developed an audience for the paintings of relatively modest size - rationally ordered, subdued, often exquisitely poetic works - for which he is now so well known.

Дюге Г.
Gaspard Dugnet
К его богородичным работам относятся:
Virgin of the Pillar Appearing to St James the Greater Введение во храм
Presentation of Virgin in the temple Вознесение Богородицы
Ascension of Virgin
Marriage of the Virgin Lamentation over Christ Munich (Germany): Alte Pinakothek Отдых на пути в Египет
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt Поклонение волхвов {1764}
Adoration of the magi

Поклонение пастухов

Adoration of the shepherds
Crucifixion Munich (Germany): Bayerische Staatsgemaldesammlungen Holy Family Св. Семейство в Египте
Holy Family in Egypt Holy Family on Steps Св. Родня
Holy Kinship Снятие со креста {1200}
Descend from the Cross

Явление Богородицы св. Иакову Старшему {1816}

Virgin museum
Peter museum
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